David Kilgour "Comin' On"
David Kilgour
Comin’ On
Merge Records
June 30, 2014

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Make no mistake about it, David Kilgour is a genius. Every time he releases new music, either with The Clean, with the Heavy Eights, or alone, it is worth listening to.

Latest single Comin’ On is no exception. This track oozes the trademark jangle that Kilgour has become so well known for. The dreamy vocals flow like a post snowfall Otago river, the guitars shimmer like a central Otago summers day, and the overall feeling of the track is so deeply rooted in that famous Dunedin sound that you can’t help but nod and smile.

With next album ‘End Times Undone’ due on August 5 through Merge Records, this track will certainly wet the appetite for Kilgour fans and jangle fiends alike.